Admission Process


Admission Terms


The admissions office will only accept and process a fully completed application package. The application form must be filled out accordingly in addition to a thorough aptitude test. Application may be done online or printed out, filled and submitted to our administrative office. Proof of registration will be made available after confirmation of fee payment, either partially or fully.

Withdrawal or Cancellation Policy

At Riohs Originate, we understand that circumstances beyond the control of students may lead to withdrawal or cancellation of admission. In such circumstances, the following may apply to affected student:
Withdrawal for Re-location/Medical/ No interest Reason/ etc.

Medical Grounds

In a circumstance where due to a genuine reason (well communicated to management with evidence) a student is unable to continue a particular session due to ill-health, he/she will be afforded the opportunity to:

  • Should ill-health last for one week, student shall be offered opportunity to re-integrate after return with colleague students while being offered some assistant services to catch up with colleagues.
  • Should ailment last between 2 weeks to 3 weeks, student shall be offered opportunity to start a new session with the guarantee of payment of at least 70% of full stream fees as may be applicable for new batch class.
  • Should ill health hinder student from attending lessons for 3 weeks, they shall be afforded a 30% refund of the original fee payment.
  • Absence due to ailment beyond the fourth week will guarantee a 0% refund of original fee payment as admissions would have been completed.

Non-Participation In Class

  • In a situation where a student has not partaken in class but has paid full or partial fees and a withdrawal is requested, the following reimbursement conditions shall apply:


Within 1-30 days before class begins 80%
After first week of class (7 days) 60%
After second week of class (8-14 days) 50%
After third week of class (15-21 days) 40%
After fourth week of class (22+ days) 0%


Gross Misconduct

In circumstance where a student’s behavior or conduct is not in tandem with the tenets of Riohs, management may in extreme circumstances require such a student to withdraw from the course. In this circumstance, a pro-rated fees shall be refunded to student after a careful calculation of cost incurred by management on student.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

It is the policy of Riohs that once a student signs up for a particular stream, all other unforeseen events/activities have been taken into consideration. Hence absence from class is not an option. A student who absents himself/herself for up to 4 days is red-flagged and assumed to have quit the course. In all such cases, management will withdraw the student from the course.

Admission Requirements

With 6 months to master a broad range of topics in fashion design and illustration, Our course is designed to follow a rigorous instruction and assignments schedule.

Potential students are therefore strongly advised to be ready to commit fully to a highly demanding course.

We especially look out for individuals who are passionate about fashion, self-motivated, and willing to learn. While we remain committed to providing needed direction, we expect our students to posses high levels of emotional maturity and intelligence, and be able to produce results in a challenging and extremely competitive environment.

In order to guarantee an admission, a prospective student will have to fulfil the following:

  • Should be aged between 15 to 50 years.
  • Provide proof of qualification in all circumstances (WASSCE as minimum).
  • Show determination to undertake course and undertake the aptitude test and qualify.
  • Should be ready to learn under strict conditions in terms of complying to the corporate culture of the atelier. (Kindly refer to the corporate culture guide)
  • Prospective students must have clean records both in terms of behavior and general posture.


Local Students Foreign Students
Tuition Fees GH¢ 4, 000 USD $ 1, 150


Bank Draft


Direct Deposit
Account Name Riohs Originate Company Limited
Account Number 1050405831223
Bank Fidelity Bank
Branch Dzorwulu


Bank Transfer (Foreign Students)
Account Name Riohs Originate Company Limited
Account Number 1961405831215
Bank Fidelity Bank
Branch Dzorwulu Accra

Graduation Requirement

Each student will be required to fulfill the following in order to guarantee a successful graduation:

  • Complete the entire course which consists of 6 months intensive training.
  • Participate in a graduate internship program at the atelier for a further 3 months.
  • Complete all project works and submit them on time.


Students will be required to budget Ghc700.00 – Ghc1000.00 towards their graduation. (This fee is subject to change)


Graduation is compulsory for all students. Students shall be informed in advance to prepare for the payment of their fees. This fee is not refundable once paid.