02May 2016

“After pursuing my academic career, I realized another part of my future had been left unattended to.”-Dacosta Owusu-Agyeman.
Those were the first words this handsome yet adept fashion prodigy said to us during his admission interview. Dacosta has been one of our most least shy students ever. His confidence in his abilities are worn on his sleeves for the whole world to see.


As a happily married post graduate of GIMPA and the University of Ghana, the only background Dacosta possessed in fashion design was having collected quality and appropriate clothes for his friends at nominal fees (from developing a catalogue to the complete wardrobe change).
“Most of the times, I wondered how interesting one’s passion and taste for fashion design could make one stay awake without sleep, just thinking of how a design could be adored by all classes of people”, he exclaims.

It is for these reasons, that Dacosta has desired to turn his passion and love for fashion into a reality by joining RIOHS ORIGINATE.

Now, he gets to challenge himself with simple, classy and sophisticated designs from sketching to stitching on a daily basis. Within 3 months, he was able to put together his first whole garment for a fashion show.



“I appreciate my lovely wife for all her support and encouragement, and for wearing my test fits even when they looked ugly”, remarked an enthusiastic Dacosta. “I thank the entire RIOHS team (Richard, Sarah & Mike) with special mentions going out to Brenda as well as all the other models who made time for my trials and to Priscy for challenging me on my every assignment”, he added.

We thank you too Dacosta for being such a star student at RIOHS Originate and for allowing us to harness your exceptional talent!

Dacosta is the name, creativity is the trade mark.

Thank You.